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Explanation column surplus/shortfall chart

Balance (date)
This shows the surplus/shortfall balance per date. This balance is indicated in hours (left column) and the quantity of shift-days (right column). Per period of time it is calculated if the amount of arranged hours have been worked in relation to the contract, this includes correction that have been add manually. 
Up/under contract
This column shows how much hours an employee has worked in relation to the contract. This is calculated by the columns 'Schedule' and 'Contract'.

This column shows the total accumulation of hours worked by an employee. The total amount should be match the hours agreed upon in the contract. This includes improductive hours like illness, holidays and leave hours as well.

The total amount of hours the employee was required to make.
The total amount of corrected balance that has been added. Click in the icon in order to add, adjust of delete a correction.
Absence balance (date)
This shows the absence end balance of a specific period. Click this column to go to the furlough balance directly.

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