Import data from the cash desk


This article explains how data from the cash register can be imported into your L1NDA account. This option applies for cash desks from Untill, Vectron, Bork and Micros.

L1NDA is used to plan shifts and working hours for your employees and to register shifts and hours that have been worked. In order to register shifts you can use a web-application, a mobile app or a cash register.

Please follow the next steps to do this:

  1. Contact your cash desk provider for the export file for the registered hours
  2. Link your employees ID that is used with the cash desk with L1NDA. Insert this ID into 'Badge Nummer' in each employee profile.
  3. Contact L1NDA to activate the import for the cash desks export file.
  4. At section Office at Staff administration you can find the link " Upload clocked hours", please click this link.
  5. Select the brand of your cash desk provider and upload the file
  6. Now the time schedules of the relevant employees are being adjusted.

Attention: at the moment it is possible to impot time records from the cash desk only. The converted figures have to be copied manually. 

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