Link your L1NDA timetable with Google Calendar, iCal and Microsoft Outlook


It is possible to easily export your personal schedule from L1NDA into a digital agenda of your liking. Currently we do support the Google calendar, iCal and Microsoft Outlook.

All your personal work-shifts can be synchronized for 12 months ahead in time or from the 3 months before. The rate of synchronization is depending on Google or Apple and such. Mostly, online agendas like L1NDA are frequently being synchronized every 6 to 24 hours.

Using iCal and Google Calendar, shifts are automatically being synchronized, so this is something to execute only once. Microsoft Outlook does not support this automatic service, therefore it is possible to synchronize work-shifts by an import/export file.

It is required to set this preference only once. After which the incoming shifts are inserted automatically.

You can do this by the following:

1. Log into you L1NDA account.

2. Click in the upper right your name followed by 'My Account' 

3. Click on the link 'Export your schedule'.

4. Copy your secret L1NDA link.
You can find this link on the website that occurs. (please see below) 
Attention: In case you are using an online agenda you should not copy this secret link into your browser! Please read the steps noted below in order to understand how to add them.

5. Add your L1NDA timetable to your online agenda program.
How to do this is depending on the tool you are using. Below an example of Google Calendar. 

Please read these articles to make it work for iCloud and Calendar.

Are you using Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Web Access? Click here how to configure for these applications. 

6. Add the agenda.
Paste the secret L1NDA link into the URL insert field and click "Add calendar"

Attention! Do make your agenda public!

Now you are done, step 7 is an additional option.

7. (Possibly) Set automatic reminders for future shifts.

It is common with online agenda tools that you can set reminders that will be pushed into your phone and email. By adjusting settings properly, you will automatically be reminded for future shifts.
Please read here how to set this

A few other tips:

  • After you have linked your L1NDA duty timetable, please check if the times for L1NDA shifts are similar with those in your agenda tool. It is possible times have been dislocated (for example: all are scheduled an hour later). You can probably solve this issue by changing the timezone to The Netherlands (UTC+01:00). How to execute this depends on the kind of online timetable you are using.
  • In case you are making adjustments in your personal L1NDA timetable, please bear in mind it can take a little while before this is processed into your agenda. The amount of time is depending how frequently your agenda checks new adjustments. In most cases, online agendas like L1NDA are being synchronized every 6 to 24 hours.
  • During a link, all your shifts will be synchronized from the following 12 months and the previous 3 months.
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