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Before using the surplus/shortfall module it is important to configure curtain things properly. In case you don not do this, you can find balances that are incorrect.
Before you start with the Plus min module it is required to thoroughly keep track of your schedules and registered shifts in L1NDA.

Do the following steps for a correct balance:

  1. Make sure the timetables in L1NDA are up to date. Make sure contact details of employees that work an permanent basis are correct.
  2. Determine the date you want to start using the plus minus hours and configure this in the properties.
  3. Add a starting balance as a correction for your employees.

Below some issues are being clarified.


1.Make sure contract information of permanent employees in L1NDA is correct.

For the surplus/shortfall hours it is important that all employees with a fixed hour contract have the right type of contract as well. make sure the amount of contract hours is correctly inserted.

Check it by following the next steps:

  • Click the L1NDA icon followed by 'Staff'.
  • Click on an employee that has a fixed hour contract.
  • This brings you to the profile of the employee. Click on 'manage' to go to contract management.
  • Make corrections in the contract when required. Pay attention to the amount of contract hours and the type of contract.
  • Make corrections in the contract when required. Do this by clicking on the contract in question. Now you can apply changes.

Attention: names of contract types can differ from the image. Aim for 'fixed hours contract'.

TIP: You can download the list of employees in the main overview of your staff to check all their contracts. (small printer icon)

2. Determine the date you want to use the surplus/shortfall hours with L1NDA by using preferences.

Our advice is to pick a starting date when all schedules are kept steadily. From this date you know the surplus/shortfall balance as well. Use three steps to insert the start balance.

Set the date like this:

  • Click in the L1NDA icon, followed by 'Office'.
  • Now click on 'System settings' the in right column.
  • Click on the tab called 'Surplus/shortfall holiday' 
  • Insert the correct date and press 'Save' to save adjustments.


3.  Add a starting balance as correction for your employees.

Now the contracts are set properly and L1NDA knows when balance needs to be calculated. How you can share a sign to start using L1NDA with plus.

Did you insert the 1st of January 2013 at the last step? Now you can tell your employees this as the starting date.

In case you want to know more about adding corrections, click here


After these two steps the balance will be calculated properly.

Watch the instruction video.
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