The plus minus module provides an insight how (permanent) employees can reach their contract working hours agreed upon. We call this surplus and shortfall hours

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An overview of possibilities.

  • Direct insights of surplus/shortfall balance sorted by date. When you open this section, the active surplus/shortfall balance is shown of that particular day.
  • The overview shows two varients: (1) a bar chart for a direct clear view and and an (2) informative table that explains the origins of the balance in question.
  • There is a complete overview of all staff members, but you can select a detailed chart per employee as well. This shows the amount of hours someone has worked in relation to her/his contract.
  • All data is exportable to Excel.
  • You can apply corrections on the balance, to indicate a starting balance when you start with L1NDA or when you want to apply a transaction on your balance for example.
  • You can request balances for each and every particular day. This counts for both future and past days.
  • The progression of balances are request-able per desired period.
    This shows how many working hour employees have been working in relation to her/his contract.
  • You can request overviews per day, week, month, quarter or a year.
  • Support for multiple branches: the overview is arranged by each branch. To request information of one branch in particular can come in handy. 
  • Next to the plus minus balance, you will have a direct overview of your employees furlough balances. This is important, these two balances are related.

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