There are two ways to link L1NDA and NMBRS:

1. Employment data is being transferred from NMBRS into L1NDA. In this way the data stays in sync between the two applications.

2. Registration from worked hours are being transferred from L1NDA into NMBRS. Hereby, a significant part for the preparation of payments have been completed. 


1. To synchronize employment data
Employees will be recognized by their social security number using NMBRS and L1NDA. During the synchronization between NMBRS and L1NDA, a significant quantity of employee data and data of contracts is being updated. In case you want to change anything in these details, use NMBRS. During the following update this will be changed in L1NDA.

Attention: during synchronization, some personal data from L1NDA is not being transferred from NMBRS (yet). You can do this in L1NDA when preferred.

Personal data from NMBRS to L1NDA
The following personal data will be transferred from NMBRS and updated into L1NDA.

Attention: It is not useful to adjust these details in L1NDA.

L1NDA entry fields:
- First Name
- Family Name
- Nickname (first entry only, by adding employees in L1NDA)
- E-mail adress
- Sex
- Date of Birth
- Place of Birth
- ID Administration
- Phone number 1
- Phone number 2
- Civil Service Number
- Adress
- ZIP Code
- Place of Recidence

2: Contract details from NMBRS to L1NDA
The following contract details will be transferred from NMBRS and updated into L1NDA. 

Attention: It is not useful to adjust these details in L1NDA.

L1NDA entry fields:
- Subsidairy
- Contract type (it is required that the names in the contracts in L1NDA and NMBRA are similar)
- Starting date
- Ending date
- Salary
- Hours per week
- Days per week

How do I add or delete an employee entry?

There are two options to add an employee

1. First add an employee in L1NDA and enter his/her social security number. Now you can timetable this employee into L1NDA. When you add the employee in NMBRS later on, the data will be adjusted from NMBRS. (L1NDA recognizes the employe in NMBRS by his social security number)

2. Add an employee in NMBRS first. When you synchronize in L1NDA, the data from the new employee will be add on into L1NDA. 

When you delete an employee:
First, deactivate the employee in NMBRS. (from now on, this will prevent synchronization of data to L1NDA) Second, deactivate the same employee in L1NDA. (Now the employee can not log in anymore). It is not obliged to synchronize to delete an employee. 


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