Enrollment of working hours with a time recording system or cash register.


L1NDA provides a service that registers worked shifts by employees through a external time recording device or by a cash register. The recorded hours are passed on to L1NDA automatically. In case the scheduled hours for employees differ from the hours employees have actually spend working, L1NDA adjusts this data automatically.
This comes in handy in order to clarify the amount of hours an employee has spend working in relation to her or his schedule.

To register and arrange shifts.

L1NDA uses two steps before hour registration is forwarded to payment.

  1. Register: The employee has to register its shift. This is confirmed when the employee clocks off.
  2. Confirmation: A supervisor has to confirm the scheduled working hours. This is done manually per shift or day.

Shifts that have not been registered or confirmed are marked by an icon or exclamation mark "!".

The most practical way to confirm shifts is in the detailed view section in the day-roster. The registered and scheduled working hours are positioned on the right side. On the left side you find the hours that are due for payment.

To confirm working hours manually you can click on 'Confirm and safe". To confirm all shifts from the entire day you can click on the date itself first, after a small window pops up that states "Confirm these schedules". Before confirming a full day all shifts have to be registered first.


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