Revenue import function


In L1NDA, you can import revenue over a long period of time, all at once. This support article explains the easiest way to do this.

Go to L1NDA>Back Office>Enter Revenue and click the little arrow pointing right, at the top left of your screen.

If you click it, you will see the following:


Choose a start date (preferably a Monday) and an end date (preferably a Sunday) and click ‘Download form’.

Fill in the Excel form with the expected revenues. For instance, if you have an indication of the average revenue of seven days per week, you can copy this for a whole year in the Excel sheet. Save this document to your computer.

Choose ‘Bestand kiezen’ in step 2, and choose the excel sheet you just filled out and click ‘Upload form’. You have now uploaded revenue over a longer period in L1NDA. While planning, you can now see and take into account the revenues.

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